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Enhancing (existing) talent acquisition solutions.

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Custom solutions for your specific needs.
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What experts say


BeWorkHappy is a true 21st century product, using the latest in semantic search and other techniques to find candidates that best match your needs. Using BeWorkHappy allows you deeper understanding of how the skills and capabilities of your existing candidates match your needs while also screening and matching new ones.

Kevin Wheeler

President, Future of Talent Institute


A technical investigation covering many Talent Acquisition solutions led me to BeWorkHappy.  The feature functionality of this product is unmatched by any other tool on the market today!  The ease of use and automatic filtering capabilities take the guess out of matching the right candidate to the right Job.

Dan Abouav



Matching is the Holy Grail of job search - and BeWorkHappy tackles this challenge via its Natural Language Understanding platform. In my opinion, it's a definite improvement over traditional keyword searching.

Jeff Dickey-Chasins

Job Board Doctor


From a technologist point of view,  BeWorkHappy is the ultimate matching solution. The ease of use, accuracy of the match, candidate experience, multi language capability and ease of integration makes it a unique solution for the market.

Nov Omana

CEO Collective HR Solutions

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