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1. Competence Analysis

Analysis of relevant competences, incl. working experiences, skills, education, language knowledge Extraction of one or more domains
Extraction of the seniority
Extraction of the working class

2. Pairing

On document level a job and a resume should: have similar domains, match with respect to seniority, match with respect to the extracted working class.
On concept level matching will also take into account ‘related’ concepts.

3. Ranking

For each document that has successfully passed the matching test: each extracted concept from that document will be assigned to a specific category (working experience, extra skills, education), which has a predefined weight. The sum of all the concept weights gives the total ranking percentage


BeWorkHappy’s language independent concept net* linked with language dependent lexeme sets** enables us to compare concepts at a language independent meta level and to match documents that are written in different languages. BeWorkHappy doesn’t need machine translation or multilingual dictionaries to achieve this objective.

* containing concepts of job descriptions, working experience and education, ...
** which contain synonyms of the concepts in each specific language

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