HR Bot

Conversational interfaces are a terrific way to help job seekers find the perfect job and to keep in touch with them, helping them in their further career.




The backend

In our custom built backend it's possible to configure and analyze all aspects of the HR conversational interface:

Configuration of the conversational flow. Detailed analytics:

  • # of users

  • Bounce-rate

  • # of applicants

  • Avg time on bot

  • ...

Configuration of external integrations
Job feeds in various formats

Integration in the job platform
( Salesforce, Bullhorn,…)

Integration on the website, Facebook,…

Integration with NLP providers
(IBM Watson, Microsoft,,…)

Integration with other solution providers (specifically BeWorkHappy)

Integrations in your CRM system


Your bot visible in all channels

The same bot configuration can be used on different channels such as:      

  • Website

  • Facebook

  • Twitter

  • SMS

  • Email

  • Amazon Echo

  • Google Home

  • ...

This means that once you create the Virtual HR assistant, it can be used directly on different channels centralizing all the data available.